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Cmc Client Services

The CMC reduces friction in the commercialization process by connecting innovative Clients with engaged end-users (Members), and world-class Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) to drastically improve the future success of any clean mobility product or service.

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Speed to Market

The primary goal of the CMC is global commercialization. The CMC dramatically reduces time to market, by de-risking companies for investors, reducing overhead, and connecting Clients to Members for deployment and demonstration opportunities.

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Single Access Point

The CMC is designed with Client innovation and commercialization at its core. CMC staff orchestrates commercially meaningful connections between Clients and key resources including policymakers, technology providers, investors, state agencies, and others.

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Grow Your Network

The CMC helps Clients expand and enrich their networks. All Clients benefit from full membership privileges, enabling regular interaction with the CMC membership ecosystem. Individually CMC Clients also benefit from PSPs that help provide access to suppliers, funding opportunities, and regulatory connections.

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Client Network

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Service Lines

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Business Services

CMC service lines support Clients through the full commercialization journey. Whether technical readiness, financial readiness, competitive analysis, or business development, the CMC can help.

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Digital Technology

Technical advisory for software control platforms, software and hardware integration, consultancy for data analytics, and connect to a network of fleet operators and smart infrastructure.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

Help with everything from initial product design, prototyping, product design iteration, industrial process engineering, production planning, and quality control through to supply chain optimization.

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Testing & Validation

Facilitate access to software test systems for field testing analysis in conjunction with demonstration partners including short circuit, mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical testing.

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Compliance & Policy

Evaluate and benchmark products against industry standards and accelerate permitting and certification with agencies, enabling the deployment of zero emission technology solutions.

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Debt & Equity Funding

Evaluate short- and long-term funding requirements to understand the implications of alternatives, select the path forward, and identify and connect resources to your company.

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Grant Funding

Access the CMC customized grant portal to source state and federal grants that match your company product and connect directly to grant writing resources.


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Workforce Development

Provide an online course, a fully customizable training program, technical training, or advanced academic training, from technical manufacturing to AI, and data science to postgraduate training.

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Market Entry

Define product-market fit, pricing strategies, revenue model options, go-to-market alternatives, and assistance with branding, marketing and engage with both regional, state, and federal agencies.

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Demonstration and Deployment

Demonstration & Deployment

Manage Clients and Members to demonstrate and deploy new technologies, organizing the measurement and verification process to ensure project outcomes enable quicker market entry.

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"We are extremely pleased with the extraordinary slate of top industry leaders and experts who now serve on CMC’s Board of Directors. Each brings immense industry knowledge, strong leadership experience, and high caliber expertise that will ensure the CMC can fully execute our very ambitious goals."

Arlen Orchard

CMC Chair of the Board and former CEO of SMUD

“The CMC has enabled us to reach early adopters and bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization. This brings tremendous value to a start-up in the form of product maturity, process deployment and quantifying our value proposition.”



“California Strategies is proud to be part of the CMC to help commercialize advanced early-stage transportation companies - applying California innovation to clean the air, combat climate change, create jobs, and improve mobility and accessibility for California communities.”

Ted Harris

Partner, California Strategies

"The CMC has enabled us to reach early adopters and bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization. This brings tremendous value to an early-stage company in the form of product maturity, process deployment and quantifying our value proposition."

Bob Grinstead

Founder & COO, Zeus Electric Chassis

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