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The CMC is a global resource that provides a unique value proposition for future mobility innovators. To learn more about the CMC's purpose and offerings, please review the CMC's list of frequently asked questions, below.


The California Mobility Center is a global resource that provides early-stage, future mobility Clients with a faster path to commercial success for their products, services and business models.

Yes, the CMC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, EIN: 84-3095746.

Prototypes and pilot projects with corporate partners are not the endpoint of the innovation process and do not automatically translate to commercial success. Overlooked market regulations and friction points in innovator/corporate partnerships often delay or derail market entry. By providing market-based resources and expertise, the CMC prepares innovators to overcome these and other market realities to achieve commercial success.

The CMC coordinates commercialization initiatives between early-stage Clients and the industry incumbent Members and service providers within its ever-growing ecosystem. Offerings include planning, access to resources, partnering and programming support. The CMC helps Clients make the right connections within the ecosystem then provides the oversight needed to ensure commercial success.

The CMC ecosystem is a wide cross section of organizations from a variety of industry sectors that have a shared interest in accelerating the pace of future mobility adoption. Ecosystem members including industry representatives (Members) and vendors (Preferred Service Providers) work in commercialization partnerships with early-stage companies (Clients) and with each other on thought leadership efforts and in committees to accelerate future mobility products, services, and business models.

Accelerators and Incubators work with earlier stage companies to develop early prototypes and/or make a favorable impression with potential corporate partners at demo days. The CMC picks up where Accelerators and Incubators leave off. The CMC provides access to market-based expertise and resources needed to successfully work with corporate partners and compete in the open market.

California is the only market in the United States that can single-handedly influence national and international future mobility markets. It has the customer power, resources and policy influence needed to attract and serve Clients and Members from around the globe.   It provides Clients with a simplified, single-point of market entry; Members with access to national policy trends, and leading innovators; and Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) with unmatched future mobility deal-flow.

Absolutely, geography is not a limitation for involvement. By providing a single point of entry to California, the CMC offers early-stage future mobility companies and Members from across the globe access to a worldwide future mobility market.

If your business would benefit from having a location in California, the CMC may help find or provide it, please contact us here.

Our business office is located at Depot Park: 16 Business Park Way, Building 150, Sacramento, CA 95828.

Our ramp-up facility is located at  8351 Luzon Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95828.

Please email us at or fill out the contact form on our website, here.