California Mobility Center

 The Gateway to Future Mobility Success

The California Mobility Center (CMC) is a public-private partnership that curates commercially meaningful interactions between future mobility start-ups and its membership base of leading commercial, institutional, financial and governmental organizations with a vested interest in future mobility success.

The CMC program offerings and facility will be open soon.

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A Faster Path to Commercialization

The CMC offerings include programming and partnership opportunities designed to streamline the path between future mobility concepts and market adoption. Programming includes Advanced Prototyping, Testing and Validation, and Commercialization.  Demonstration and Deployment partnership opportunities are also available. Funding sources are also available.

Strategically located in Sacramento.

Sacramento provides the CMC with globally significant advantages and opportunities. As the policy center of California, Sacramento is the heartbeat of one of the world’s largest and most influential future mobility ecosystems. Locally, Sacramento provides future mobility start-ups and members with a support structure that includes world-class educational institutions, a skilled workforce, an award-winning electric utility and much more.

Founding Partners

Partner with us.

The CMC’s partners and clients serves as an integrated mobility resource for governmental entities, utilities, investors and vehicle manufacturers.