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The California Mobility Center (CMC) orchestrates commercially meaningful interactions between future mobility early-stage companies and industry-leading members.



The CMC was established to help future mobility early-stage companies at all phases of the innovation-to-commercialization lifecycle to rapidly progress beyond demonstration projects and pilot programs, to the point of actual product launches and sustained market viability.



The CMC is strategically located in the Western Hemisphere’s most influential future mobility market, California. California is home to leading investors, motivated consumers, leading global public policymakers and regulators, and access to an advanced and properly skilled workforce.



Partnering between Clients and Members is a distinguishing advantage of the CMC. Instead of preparing early-stage companies to make a favorable impression with industry leaders, the CMC empowers them to work together to develop and implement mutually developed commercialization plans.



CMC programming is customized for each Client-Member partnership and driven by an early-stage company’s stage in the commercialization process and the needs of their mutually developed plan. Some might focus on advanced manufacturing readiness. Others might conduct testing and validation or product launch support.



The CMC provides future mobility innovators and industry incumbents with access to programs and resources that accelerate the pace of commercialization in California and worldwide. Areas of focus include smart and shared mobility solutions, fueling and charging infrastructure, and automated, connected, and electric vehicles for on and off-highway use.

"The CMC has enabled us to reach early adopters and bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization. This brings tremendous value to an early-stage company in the form of product maturity, process deployment and quantifying our value proposition."

Bob Grinstead

Founder & COO, Zeus Electric Chassis


CMC members are corporations, institutions and government agencies with a vested interest in future mobility commercialization and a desire to observe and/or partner with entrepreneurs and innovators who are on the frontlines of transforming the global mobility landscape.



CMC clients are future mobility early-stage companies that recognize the global importance of commercializing products in the California market, and the value of working with corporate members and service providers to reduce the time and cost to commercial success.


Preferred Service Providers

Preferred service providers are vetted, results-oriented vendors in industries like manufacturing, funding, business strategy, legal and regulatory support. Importantly, all service providers will have demonstrated an ability to simultaneously work with early-stage companies and large corporations to produce meaningful results.



The CMC’s workforce programs will specialize in creating entry points for various career opportunities in the advanced mobility and the overall advanced manufacturing sector, including job-readiness, technical training, and clear pathways for a variety of manufacturing careers.

The CMC will identify demand for new training programs, and through its partner network of universities, community colleges, adult training centers, community organizations, and industry partners, it will align existing programs to meet the requirements of the future mobility industry.

“California Strategies is proud to be part of the CMC to help commercialize advanced early-stage transportation companies - applying California innovation to clean the air, combat climate change, create jobs, and improve mobility and accessibility for California communities.”

Ted Harris

Partner, California Strategies

Sacramento State

Founding Member

As California’s capital university, Sacramento State is a recognized leader in education, innovation and engagement. As a CMC founding member, Sacramento State will play a vital role in the successful engagement of the CMC, which will be located on campus property, in addition to bridging the academic talent of our university with CMC and its partners.


Founding Member

SMUD has been providing low-cost, reliable electricity for almost 75 years and is a recognized industry leader and award winner for its innovative programs and sustainable solutions for a healthier environment. As a founding member of the CMC, SMUD is proud to support mobility start-ups seeking to commercialize new products, technologies and business models.

PEM Motion

Founding Partner

As a global leader and provider of technology and business consulting as well as deep engineering expertise, PEM Motion will support CMC clients in developing mobility solutions in two ways.

1. Business, technology and engineering consulting
2. Support clients’ product development, prototyping and pre-series production

EnerTech Capital

Founding Partner

EnerTech’s significant experience, deep domain expertise, and collaborative approach to working with portfolio companies makes EnerTech the ideal investment partner. EnerTech will consider direct investments in CMC’s client companies that need funding as well as help identify other potential sources of capital.

Greater Sacramento Economic Council

Founding Partner

The Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC) is the catalyst for innovative growth strategies in California’s Capital Region. The organization spearheads community-led direction to attract, grow and scale new businesses, develop advanced industries, create jobs and investment throughout a six-county region. As a CMC founding partner, GSEC spearheaded and helped advance the CMC into the leading future mobility center.


Strategic Partner

“Guidehouse is thrilled to work alongside the CMC at the forefront of the global mobility transformation. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with the center and its clients, we look forward to fostering groundbreaking innovations in California that reverberate through markets around the world.” – Jan Vrins, Leader of Guidehouse’s Global Energy, Sustainability and Infrastructure Segment


Grant Funding Partner

OpenGrants is the easiest way to find, win and manage non-dilutive grant funding. We maintain and leverage the most complete data set of grant funding in the United States.


Strategic Partner

Momentum designs, develops, and deploys innovation campaigns for organizations working on transformative water, energy, transportation, and manufacturing technologies. Through rigorous research, thoughtful analysis, and strategic engagement we dramatically increase the ability of our clients to access and manage public and private investment, acquire new customers, and commercialize advanced technologies.

California Strategies

Strategic Partner

California Strategies, California’s leading advanced transportation firm, helps the CMC and CMC’s clients achieve their goals and commercialize advanced mobility products and services. California Strategies aligns technologies with the State’s mobility goals, accelerates achievement of economic sustainability for mobility start-ups and drives innovation throughout California and beyond.

Early Stage

Early-stage programming concentrates on advanced manufacturing readiness and advisory-focused partnerships to ensure that commercialization principals and requirements are built into early-stage product design and development.

Mid Stage

Mid-stage programming provides testing and validation, within demonstration-focused partnerships to ensure products satisfy the commercialization requirements of the California market, potential customers and/or acquirers.

Late Stage

Late-stage programming focuses on commercialization and deployment-focused partnerships that provide the market knowledge, planning, resources, partnerships, and programming needed for a successful commercial launch.


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Additionally, send us a text to be alerted with the latest updates: (916) 252-1881

Learn more about the CMC ecosystem and how industry and early-stage future mobility clients can work together. Provide us your contact information and we’ll reach out to you.

Additionally, send us a text to be alerted with the latest updates: (916) 252-1881

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