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Membership Overview

CMC Member benefits are as diverse as the organizations involved in the future mobility industry. The CMC provides Members with partnering opportunities with early-stage, future mobility innovators, participation in cross-industry committees, and multiple platforms for influencing policy and thought leadership.

Membership Activities

Client-Member Partnering Program

A defining attribute of the CMC is its focus on improving collaboration between innovators and industry incumbents to increase business engagement and drive future mobility offerings to market faster. The CMC also provides other forms of Client opportunities with Members not yet ready for a full commercial relationship.

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Membership Committees

CMC Member committees provide opportunities to work with other Members from within their industry group, or from across all future mobility business classifications. Committees provide an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas, establish best practices, and even form multi-industry endorsements to impact policy.

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Thought Leadership

The CMC provides a variety of opportunities that collectively address industry topics of interest as determined by Membership. These are the primary forum for interaction between Members on matters of mutual interest. Topics proposed include CA regulatory roadmap, CA mobility policy, future mobility deployment, and new technologies.

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Member Network

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How to Join

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